We were able to find the prettiest little nudist beach on the island, where we spent two of our beach days. The first day we went there, we felt pretty stupid because we realized half way to the beach that we forgot our towels, and that was after we left the taxi. So, we spent our hours laying on the sand – Which was sort of okay, but the locals there must have thought we were pretty stupid.

The water was much warmer here than the other beach we had outside our hostel, and for some reason it was easier playing pingpong (?) here as well. What I loved the most was the mix of half naked and naked people. Was good to see people being so comfortable about themselves. The second time we went there we got a bit lost on our way home, but some random people helped us dial the taxi. We also found a really good tapas place where they served delicious Spanish food. The man working there wasn’t the happiest one, but at least their Sangria was amazing.


I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Jonny while he was surfing. You paid 25 euros and could surf for an hour. Pretty amazing to see how much Jonny improved during that hour. I did not when I tried. Let’s not talk about how terrible I was trying this… Hopefully I’ll manage better next time. Maybe

This year, my tanning vacation was lazily spent in Spain, at the island called Palma de Mallorca. Me and Jonny had the coolest hotel in Magaluf, which probably was the most mature place in the whole area, considering that 1 minute away you found drunk British and Swedish youths crawling down the streets. It was rather interesting seeing people in a party mood like this, as well as all the half naked ladies working here. I was tricked into thinking I was in the UK now and then.

On our way to Hahn airport

I really loved our hotel. They played some really good deep house tunes all day long. It was really refreshing waking up to the vibes from the speakers outside our balcony, as well as seeing people surf on artificial waves in the hotel area.

It didn’t take us more than 3 minutes to walk down to the beach- which was perfect!

It was rather difficult finding good places to eat, and even more difficult finding Spanish food, but now and then we managed to find some delicious meals. I also discovered how delicious Koppaberg Strawberry and Lime is. My new favorite summer drink <3


Yet again Jonny is in Luxembourg at his parents’ house for the summer vacation. Luxembourg is so beautiful in the summer and I absolutely love spending time there. I didn’t really take a lot of pictures here either, but I’ll show you what I got.


I spent some days in Amsterdam, mainly to see friends and party and due to that and heavy rain most of the days I didn’t get the chance to take that many pictures.

I’ve only spent some few hours in Amsterdam before this trip and that was some years ago. That time I had a connecting flight to Prague and killed some time walking around in Amsterdam. It was completely different spending time in Holland this time. I arrived late Saturday night and went straight out to a club called Studio 80 with my friend that I haven’t seen in a year. I totally loved the club! Wish we had more of this in Oslo.
What fascinates me about Amsterdam people is how they dance! Before I met Thomas I had never seen anyone dance like him. Very fascinating and it makes you smile a lot. I’ve done my best trying to imitate this dance, slooowly getting there. A year ago Thomas spent 4 hours trying to teach me his dances moves in a club here in Oslo.

The next day I went to my first festival ever. The weather was perfect for a festival. It was warm, sunny and barely any wind. It was a rather small festival but I met so many fantastic people at the festival and there were so many things to see as well! I highly recommend going to a festival in Amsterdam. The people are really friendly over there.

The rest of the days (except from my last) it was raining. After curing my hangover I was able to take some pictures in the evening, but the main event was to see the red light district on a Friday evening- and here the prostitutes freak out if you take any pictures – of course.
It was so busy, and so much to see. I’m easily fascinated so all in all I must say I had a good time walking through the area. I’m sorry if me enjoying the area offends anyone, but I like everything that is different from my own city and culture.

I can’t wait to go back and see my old friends and the new friends I made! <3

Here are some pictures from a wedding I had on Friday. My friend, whom I’ve been a classmate with since first year of university got married. Really happy for her and I feel so honored to be her wedding photographer.


It took us a little while before we became really good friends. Both of us were pretty scared of each other. No need to be scared of this girl tho, she’s the best.


slott lowres

I’m trying to get the hang on perspective. Hard but fun.

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